Path of the Storm

Path of the Storm


October 10th, 2017 10:26 AM.

-Feanor Lambrecht

Within the span of two months our country has been subjected to two disasters named Harvey. One was a hurricane — a product of water vapor and heat energy. The other was a producer — a product of liberal values and self-serving morality. The former caused devastation among the innocent people of the city of Houston and its outlying areas. The latter is causing devastation among the degenerate class and a surge in popcorn sales around the heartland. Who needs Hollywood’s visions of fantasy when its real-life implosion is so much more entertaining?

The peacocks of Hollywood, so quick to provide their hot take on any number of unimportant issues such as bump stocks and transgender surgery coverage, are suddenly silent. Their party puppet masters are similarly out of view. What happened?

At the beginning of the week, we were being lectured to by the entire Democrat Entertainment Complex for getting shot in Vegas and now the issue of Harvey Weinstein proves too sensitive to approach. Kimmel’s tear ducts are dry because Hillary is silent. It’s her hand pulling his strings, after all.

The confused response to the exploitation of women and its willing perpetuation is to be expected. Hollywood, like Washington DC,  is a den of pedophiles, dealers, addicts, profligates, wife beaters, murderers, liars, communists, and human traffickers. It is easy to see how widespread revulsion regarding the transgression of such homespun values such as not violating people for money and fame might confuse them.

Meanwhile at the intersection of influencer media and politics, in the very infested crotch of debauchery that is San Francisco, sits the home of the dilapidated website Salon. A formerly respected media outlet, it was never once profitable making it typical of all media tainted with the loathsome pall of progressive ideology.

The website is caught in a pincer attack resulting from a backfiring of their own strategy. If they say nothing, Salon will be called out for its rank hypocrisy. If they cleave to their feminist values and attack Harvey Weinstein, they undermine the very party-media complex that directs and funds them. This week’s salvo of articles reveals they are painfully aware of the predicament.

Digital ink has been spilled excoriating Harvey Weinstein. Amanda Marcotte jumped right into the fray with a piece essentially saying, “apology not accepted.” The attacks are having their desired effect. On 6 October Rachel Leah penned a piece on women’s rights attorney Lisa Bloom acting as Weinstein’s counsel. On 7 October Taylor Link reported she had quit.

At the same time, Taylor Link also penned a piece titled “Trump’s family and friends really want to tie Harvey Weinstein to Democrats”. The gist: Republicans can’t criticize Weinstein because Trump did the same thing (he didn’t (they’re dumb.)) Marcotte further femsplained on Twitter why it’s okay to watch Weinstein’s movies because “it’s okay to separate the art from the artist.”



Sorry Salon. You wanted to wage unforgiving tribal warfare, you cannot very well back out just because the rules of engagement no longer work to your exclusive benefit. You are the ones actively campaigning against middle America and its values by waging a no holds barred war against bakers, based programmers, even academics. You saw their businesses destroyed and their careers ended through the blunt instrument of public shame.

Like most of Hollywood’s shames, this dirty little secret was never little, never secret. Hollywood knew. Democrat donors knew. Salon knew. Marcotte knew. And they did nothing. They are about to learn the lesson of the Catholic Church in the 90’s: moral authority is currency subject to devaluation through hypocrisy.

Salon-Style Feminists


(Feeding time at the liberal zoo. Today’s treat: Rita Ora!)


Like the surface of the warm ocean, social media is adding energy to the storm, causing it to grow and intensify.

The Storm



The hilarious part of Salon being crushed under the weight of its own agenda, is the fact the virtues they and liberals spent decades hectoring Americans about were never virtues at all. At best, like minimum wage increases, they were about catastrophizing morally neutral and debatable issues into crises du jour. At worst, those “virtues” were an attempt at mainstreaming Liberal degeneracy — such as the pedo-splaining article by Todd Nickerson, founder of Virtuous Pedophiles

Salon is about to learn they do not control the seething waves of outrage they so frequently directed at others. The roiling seas of discontent have had enough of the liberal pragmatism meant to protect the corporatist neo-con leftist establishment. The youngest liberals know you cannot call out conservatives for waging war on women when your own candidate is accomplice to an expert rapist who faces no consequences for actions whatsoever. Salon and other democratic donors are now pretending they are shocked at the allegations. This is meant as a bulwark against the category 5 crap storm barreling down in their direction. They can try to run, but there is no hiding. No degree of moral repositioning this late in the game will move them from the path of this storm.


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