The Communist uprising.

The Communist uprising.

 Austin Communists hold an armed rally.

Austin Communists hold an armed rally.

Published November 2nd, 2017. 8:40 am.

By Feanor Lambrecht

November 4 2017 is going to be the beginning of the end of the “Trump/Pence regime” if the Refuse Fascism flyers being distributed around campuses and cities are any indication. These flyers paint a dire picture of a nation in the death throes of a fascist takeover. The language is unequivocal and, at least among some conservatives, has been a cause for alarm.

According to some analyses, the action planned for November 4th is an attempt to reignite the flames of Alt-Left protests similar to those at the end of the 2016 election cycle, or the DC inauguration riots. There is another, more skeptical, school of thought. This view sees November 4th as repeat Charlottesville-style trap – an attempt to lure genuine Trump supporters into a melee of staged violence in order to reset the narrative regarding transgressor and victim.

This article is an attempt to argue the latter is the most likely goal of the organizers. We considered the incendiary sloganeering as well as other elements that lead others to the conclusion these protests will be violent marches necessitating a counter protest and concluded these are stylistic remnants of a pre-Charlottesville mindset and are not reliable indicators for how the protests will be conducted. Furthermore, on-the-ground intelligence also reveals a movement that is poorly staffed and suffering from a lack of grass roots fervor.

Because these protests will decidedly not lead to any radical change in government, we must look at the event through the materialist utilitarian eyes of Communist leadership who are undoubtedly aware of the left’s decline in popularity and credibility. It is therefore highly probable the November 4th protests are fishing expeditions to instigate right wing violence either from actual Trump supporters or crisis actors.

The idea that the action is meant to is rekindle the flames of young adult resistance against the “tyranny” is not unwarranted. The day of action coincides with the night we roll back our clocks from daylight saving time, giving protesters an extra hour of night to riot and destroy property. In addition, 12 of the 14 planned protest sites are in cities under control of Democratic mayors. Austin, which is run by a council, may be considered the 13th. Of the 11 states involved in this “nationwide” uprising, six are Democrat-run. This speaks to very selective targeting in an era when the GOP controls the governorships in 34 states (33 if it’s Kasich’s time of the month).

The language of the flyers and the arguments coming from the event organizers, Refuse Fascism, are similar to the standard resistance fare in the early days of Trump’s victory between November 2016 and through February 2017. Refuse Fascism still posts recently shot videos of their operatives committing illegal acts of protest, such as blocking the freeway in LA with a human chain holding signs – a distasteful tactic that conjures up memories of the rash of BLM-led protests around the country a year ago.

We believe this familiarity in propaganda and tactics is an artifact of the time the plan was originally crafted -- late 2016. Since then, similar rhetoric has successfully spawned inauguration riots and several other notable protests where Alt-Left participants were punished harshly with criminal charges, trials, and jail time. The movement may be stuck using the rhetoric it was born with because, given the extreme nature of their original hyperbolic vitriol (“People all over the world facing bombings, occupations, war and the threat of nuclear war with Donald Trump” is an actual statement from the flyer), Refuse Fascism cannot modify its words without utterly destroying the delicate psychic construct upon which it foists screeching forecasts of global doom.

There is reason to believe the movement is losing steam, although why is unclear. It may be due to its reliance on mutually-alienating social justice rhetoric, the fact Alt-Left protesters are facing jail, or because the entire battle plan amounts to little more than an application of fairy tale logic:

·         November 4: protest

·         November 5: ???

·         November 6: new government

What is clear is that Refuse Fascism’s push for a seditious uprising has not won any new adherents even from the extreme left.

This conclusion is based on a visit to a recent planning meeting at the University of Houston, where Refuse Fascism’s flyers and posters are a common sight. The goal of the meeting was to gauge the popularity of the plan and coordinate resources for further action. Yet the Houston group was not planning action for the university or the city of Houston, but in for distant Austin, Texas. I counted six people in attendance – two younger females (possibly students), one old man, and three elderly women. The group was more suited to a sewing circle than a rebellion.


Free verse poetry and nonviolence were the order of the day at this Refuse Fascism kaffeeklatsch.

While the literature describes a massive, nation-wide protest, it appears the movement is incapable of organizing on that scale. The current roster of 18 protests in 13 states feels like a half-hearted compromise. Perhaps more disappointing for Refuse Fascism organizers is these plans are culminating after nine months of life under the iron grip of the dreaded “Trump/Pence regime” the reality of which has done little to advance their arguments of gloom and doom. Whatever Refuse Fascism’s original plan, they now operate under the reality that their movement no longer has the personnel, enthusiasm, and muscle to “bash the fasch.”

Sadly, this is not being communicated to their followers. Participants are being instructed to prepare for extended days of protests and to take off work the following week if possible. The protestors are the first victims of Refuse Fascism’s plan – continuing a pattern common in DNC/Leftist circles of furthering a cause by sacrificing their dupes. It is a well-known fact that one does not endear oneself to their bosses by taking time off work to partake in protests that inconvenience businesses, preoccupy local law enforcement, and possibly even shut down local government.

Conservatives likewise need to modify their expectations concerning Nov 4. This is not a true national movement, but a carefully crafted media event.

Not only was Antifa not represented at the Houston meeting, the talk stressed the non-violent nature of the protest. The organizers were not gearing up for a major confrontation. Perhaps this was merely representative of the age of Refuse Fascism Houston’s leadership, but if a big liberal city like Houston cannot attract the pre-retirement set to an anti-Trump riot, how likely is it that other regions are doing better?

On the other hand, it seems unlikely this much planning and money would be thrown away on a single night of candle light vigils and anti-patriarchy chanting. Hence: trap.

What Conservatives Can Do

·         Stay away from the protests. Do not plan on attending as a counter protestor.

·         If you intend on going to observe, focus your attention on the “Alt-Right” counter protestors and get as much footage as you can. Regardless the instigator, the right will take the blame.

·         For conservatives who still feel compelled to “do something” a recommended course of action might be to hold an apolitical yet more engaging event at the same time. Ideas include food festivals, block parties, or movie screenings.

What to Expect

People should avoid cities where mayors are known enablers: Chicago, New York, Seattle (the current mayor is a temporary appointment), Minneapolis, and San Francisco. These cities are going to spiral into disaster no matter how few show up or what group tries to confront them. The temptation to intervene will be strong. It should be avoided.

Also keep in mind the events are scheduled at different times across multiple time zones, but when all times are normalized to eastern, it is clear there is a structured wave pattern consisting of alternating small and large iterations.

  Venues according to wave. Yellow venues were added 28 October, one week before November 4.

Venues according to wave. Yellow venues were added 28 October, one week before November 4.

The first wave was originally comprised of two relatively weak cities: Cleveland and Pittsfield. If protests in these first two cities are non-events, it would have deprived oxygen going into the rest of the day. Perhaps this is why, one week prior to the Nov 4 event, Wave One has the distinction of being the only wave to add two Democrat-run venues: Cincinnati, and Minneapolis.

Local media is likely in deep coordination with event organizers and are capable of framing every shot to the benefit of Refuse Fascism. I learned this first hand participating in annual pro-life marches where the number of pro-lifers exceeded the population of a small city and the pro-choice counter protesters barely qualified for a basketball team. Nonetheless, every photo and every video showed the latter on par with the former.

Tucson is another new addition to the roster of cities and its position expands Wave Five to two cities. The venue, Tucson Comic Con, is perhaps an attempt to allow the media to frame the gathering of comic book enthusiasts as a Refuse Fascism gathering.  This is ill-conceived. The young consumers of video games, movies, and comics are presently in the midst of a two-year revolt against the political correctness at the heart of Refuse Fascism’s rationale. Expect photobombs and human shitposts here.

The eighth and final wave is the pinnacle of the day’s events as the protests in San Francisco and Atlanta kick off simultaneously. The protest in the bay city’s Union Square is roughly a mile’s saunter to the entrance to the I-80 bridge to Oakland. If a group of protesters wanted to close access from the peninsula, they could easily make the march. Then, it would only take a few Oakland operatives to close off the bridge from the Oakland side, thus shutting the bridge down entirely.

But it is Atlanta where the most caution must be exercised. The city is ripe for crisis exploitation and would make an ideal climax of the night’s proceedings. Atlanta is a liberal city in conservative state. There is a potential for a well-framed incident between blacks and whites. Liberals were practically ecstatic over the death in Charlottesville. Imagine how they would react to a similar incident where the victim was black and the perpetrator white.

The Left is known for its capacity to exploit tragedies. It is also very adept at creating disasters on a massive scale. The phrase “never let a crisis go to waste” is famously attributed to Democrats. Conservatives need to learn that people who operate with that mindset have no qualms about creating opportunities through any means necessary. You can bet someone in the backroom of Refuse Fascism’s Manhattan head office is reminding their comrades, “Never settle for a protest, when you can get a crisis.”

On Saturday 28 October, one week prior to November 4, a White Lives Matter rally in Tennessee attracted roughly a thousand Antifa counter protesters. They showed up in droves to protest a non-event as the organizers realized they were being played into a litigation trap and promptly cancelled the event. Had the event gone off as planned, the ensuing conflict would have provided a dramatic impetus to convince more people of the necessity to “resist fascism.” Instead, the left-wing wasted money and resources gearing up for a battle that never happened.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

-Sunzi, The Art of War


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