The Dysfunctional Senate Majority Leader

The Dysfunctional Senate Majority Leader


by Jim Gordan

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell made an open declaration of hostility toward the President.

"Excessive expectations" was the phrase used by the Majority leader to describe Mr. Trump's confidence in the Senate to push the agenda.

Mr. Trump has since fired back over twitter, “Senator Mitch McConnell said I had ‘excessive expectations,’ but I don’t think so. After 7 years of hearing Repeal & Replace, why not done?”



Mitch McConnell's top donors of 2016, consisted of bankers Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

In addition to the banks, the Senator is backed by the health insurance provider, Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  This influence may explain the lack of success on healthcare reform, a pillar of President Trump's platform.

Mitch McConnell's popularity sits at a new found low of 18% in his home state of Kentucky, in stark contrast to President Trump's 60%. This suggests voters are in full rejection of the Senator in favor of the President. 


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