Texas, Rampant H-1B Abuse

Texas, Rampant H-1B Abuse


H1-B visa abuse is coming to the forefront of Republican Politics. With President Trump's buy American and Hire American Executive Order, employers are coming under pressure to find the skills they need within the border.  The mandate reads,

" In order to create higher wages and employment rates for workers in the United States, and to protect their economic interests, it shall be the policy of the executive branch to rigorously enforce and administer the laws governing entry into the United States of workers from abroad, including section 212(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(5)"

Texas has the image of a Pro-American state, but the reality may be something altogether different. Cities within the state routinely outsource work through the program along with state funded institutions, such as Texas A&M and the University of Houston.


The City of Houston filed for an H-1B to outsource an Information Resources Manager who is responsible for SAP related duties in mid 2016, while the city was in recession. The company paid $121,000 dollars to fill this position.

Other minor positions include "Planner" at salary ranges near $50,000. 



Independent school districts in the Dallas area needed to outsource staggering numbers of teachers through the H-1B program.


Though Texas is the second most bilingual state, the independent school districts still required a massive outsourcing of talent for those that speak two languages. 


State and Federally funded Universities

State funded institutions have been utilizing these visas to facilitate a transfer of wealth from debt laden students to foreign instructors like no other.  Searching any University inside the United States reveals the outsourcing of Academia. 

Our investigation centers in on the University of Houston where dozens of H1B visa applications have been submitted. Jobs such as assistant professor, application developer, and financial analyst. Our search yielded jobs like career counselor and assistant trainer. 


It is strange that we found Application developer, career counselor, and financial analyst needing to be outsourced. Are these jobs not the very ones that students are being trained for?

Reviewing Texas A&M and among the various academics on H-1B status, we found four curious filings for veterinary interns. 


Private Sector

Apart from our own government outsourcing us, I found it particularly troubling that regular jobs were being handled with H-1B visas. Doing a search for the simple job title "Accountant" reveals an army of foreign workers in Dallas alone.


If the reader would care to do his own research, indexed Labor Condition Application data may be found here.

The U.S. Department of Labor expresses, "the intent of the H-1B program is to help employers who cannot otherwise obtain needed business skills and abilities from the U.S. workforce by authorizing the temporary employment of qualified individuals who are not otherwise authorized to work in the United States."

For an entertaining search we at Defectio ran Breitbart and CNN. Breitbart appears to be H-1B free, but for CNN we offer:



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