Texas Election PROPOSITIONS and Our Take

Texas Election PROPOSITIONS and Our Take


The March 6th Primary will have several propositions for the Texas voter. The results are non-binding for the legislature. We present the Ballot and what we recommend below.

1. Texas should replace the property tax system with an appropriate consumption tax equivalent. 

  • We believe property taxes are the devil. Government should have no claim on a man's property. We recommend a YES vote.

2. No governmental entity should ever construct or fund construction of toll roads without voter approval. 

  • Our position is that toll roads have been abused. They were supposed to be temporary taxes to fund the construction of the road, but have morphed into permanent taxes. We recommend a YES vote.

3. Republicans in the Texas House should select their Speaker nominee by secret ballot in a binding caucus without Democrat influence. 

  • Picking the speaker is a privilege of the house majority. We recommend yes.

4. Texas should require employers to screen new hires through the free E-verify system to protect jobs for legal workers. 

  • Texas should do everything in our power to oppose illegal aliens in our state. We believe this is a positive step. We recommend yes.

5. Texas families should be empowered to choose from public, private, charter, or homeschool options for their children's education, using tax credits or exemptions without government constraints or intrusion. 

  • This is a critical vote for our children. School choice is essential for liberty. We recommend yes.

6. Texas should protect the privacy and safety of women and children in spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers in all Texas Schools and government buildings. 

  • We recommend yes.

7. I believe abortion should be abolished in Texas

  • We recommend yes.

8. Vote fraud should be a felony in Texas to help ensure fair elections.

  • We recommend yes. We also recommend severe punishments.

9. Texas demands that congress completely repeal Obamacare.

  • We recommend yes.

10. To slow the growth of property taxes, yearly revenue increases should be capped at 4%, with increases in excess of 4% requiring voter approval. 

  • We believe property taxes are out of control. We recommend yes.

11. Tax dollars should not be used to fund the building of stadiums for professional or semi-professional sports teams.

  • We believe this is a massive wealth transfer from tax payers to the sports industry. No tax payers should foot the bill for another's business venture. We recommend yes





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