Donald Trump's First Wall

Donald Trump's First Wall


In 2016 candidate Donald Trump’s promise to build a border wall paid for by Mexico caused guffaws of disbelief from the Left. Good thing he did not tell them about his other wall, the one meant to thwart, and yet built by, the Democrats themselves. The pundits would have gone comatose from the laughter.

Throughout 2017 Democrats leveraged Muh Russia hysterics (Muh Russia is code for tin-foil hat Russia conspiracies) to obstruct the Trump agenda of peace, security, and prosperity for Americans.

To move his agenda forward, it became imperative for the President to knock Muh Russia out of commission. Frustrated in his efforts to build a border wall, President Trump focused on creating the wall to stop Muh Russia.

In order to understand how Muh Russia has been blocked, we need to understand what it is exactly.

The answer to that question lies in its creation. Not in the start of the investigations as outlined in the FISA memo, but in its start as a tool of state-sponsored subversion and sedition.

The narrative of Muh Russia began almost the same night Madame Secretary was embedding custom cake decorations into hotel drywall.

trump jail.jpg

It was then desperate Democrats decided they needed a fall guy with the power and smarts to pull a fast one on Grandma Bleachbit. Said scapegoat also needed to be too isolated to bring into a courtroom where honest testimony would prove them liars.

Putin was their fall guy.

But what exactly is Putin alleged to have done?  Accusations were flung until a few barely plausible stories stuck. The result is a confused clod of three theories known as “Muh Russia.” Taken individually, these unfounded theories hold no weight. But together, they formed a convoluted web of international intrigue.

At its heart, Muh Russia is composed of three main narratives that are used as pathways in advancing DNC-MSM-Deep State seditious plan to impeach President Trump:

1)      The Russians hacked the election!

2)      The Russians are blackmailing Trump with pee pee!

3)      The Russians hacked the DNC!

To quarantine Muh Russia, it needs to be blocked along all three narratives. After Friday’s memo release, those paths are effectively sealed (although this has yet to dawn on everyone).

The “Russia hacked the election” narrative was the first avenue blocked. A mere momentary ploy, it prevented honest analysis of party leadership in the painful post-election period.

The problem with the narrative, aside from being untrue per congressional testimony, is the more likely culprits of election tampering are typically the Democrats themselves. Pressing on the issue of vulnerable election machines could lead to some embarrassing discoveries in a criminal investigation.

This led to the first bricks in the wall blocking Muh Russia. By turning away from this path voluntarily the Democrats closed off the first of their own impeachment narratives.

The second narrative was blocked Friday by the release of the memo. The memo reveals the Fusion GPS dossier, which was proclaimed unverified and discredited by James Comey in congressional testimony, was used in a deliberate intelligence laundering scam by political operatives.

All evidence provided by the FBI throughout the investigative process is now tainted with the stink of their unethical disrepute.

Down goes the next brick. The second section of the wall is now complete, formed by the Democrats’ own Deep State collusion.

The DNC-MSM has only one Muh Russia narrative left: the Wikileaks “hack” of DNC servers.

This narrative depends on the continued obfuscation of the identity of the DNC’s hacker. Mueller, the media, and all their Deep State accomplices must now pretend not to know what everyone else in the country already knows: the DNC was not hacked. Its emails were leaked by an altruistic whistle-blower.

To “discover” this truth, Mueller would invariably be drawn back to Seth Rich’s murder and a host of evidence that points back to a handful of schemers, Hillary and John Podesta among them.

Now the Democrats run headlong into the final section of the anti-Muh Russia wall. Again they are thwarted by a blockade of their own making. This foundation was laid six feet deep with the 2016 internment of one man.

His name? Seth Rich.

Democrats are accusing Republicans of interfering with Mueller’s investigation by creating and releasing the memo. The official response is the action has no bearing on the investigation because no documents relating to the investigation itself have been sought.

Yet like the compound Muh Russia construct, the function of the memo cannot be fully understood unless you consider its overall function in the anti-Muh Russia wall. The memo does not interfere in Mueller’s investigation. It shuts down the most convoluted narrative of the three narratives used to advance its legitimacy.

Those narratives can no longer advance. What exactly can Mueller say he is investigating today?

In response to their predicament, Democrats and media have no option but to engage in doublethink by simultaneously decrying the memo as “inconsequential” while also shrieking about its ramifications for “national security.”

They are finally realizing their pathway to impeachment is a dead end from which there is no escape. Blocked at every lane by their own machinations and lies, there is no turning back. They are trapped.

There is only the wall.


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