Kurdish Communist Group Vows to Attack Turkish Military After Afrin Defeat

Kurdish Communist Group Vows to Attack Turkish Military After Afrin Defeat

Leftists in the United States have been lamenting the defeat of the Kurdish-Communist group (YPG) in the Afrin area of Syria.

The YPG was one group among many backed by the Obama Administration to spread unrest and chaos across the middle eastern Nation.

Reactions to the Turkish success in securing a foothold in the press. 

From the New York Times - "Turkish-backed Syrian rebels seized control on Sunday morning of the city of Afrin, the target of a two-month military operation against Kurdish militias in the enclave in Syria. The takeover dealt a blow to Kurdish aspirations for self-administration there and added to Turkey’s growing footprint in the country."

From the Region - "In a joint statement from the YPG and the Autonomous Administration in Afrin, it was promised that ‘the resistance in Afrin will continue until every inch of Afrin is liberated, and the people of Afrin will return their villages’."

From Anadolu Agency -  "Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin on Sunday dubbed "significant" the clearing of YPG/PKK-Daesh terrorists from Afrin’s town center through Operation Olive Branch. Kalin said Turkish President and commander-in-chief Recep Tayyip Erdogan led the Operation Olive Branch in Afrin. “Security and humanitarian aid operations are still in progress [in Afrin],” he added. "

Who and Why?

The Turks invaded Syria January 2018, called Operation Olive Branch, to knock out the YPG. Turkey has long regarded the YPG as terrorists. 

Though the Syrian Government Officially considers the YPG a hostile force inside the country, they have condemned Turkish intervention in the region.

Bashar al-Assad had said, "Turkey's aggression in the Syrian city of Afrin cannot be separated from the policy pursued by the Turkish regime since the outbreak of the Syrian Crisis ... [their] support for terrorism and various terrorist groups."

When the Turks first announced the invasion into Syria, Erdogan made two targets clear. Afrin was to be the first target. Next would be Manbij, a city northeast of Aleppo. 

Manbij is presently under Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) control, a confusing weave of multi-ethnic groups, including the YPG, fighting against the Syrian Government.  

Having delivered on Afrin, there is every reason to expect Turkey to deliver on their promise.




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