David Balat, a Man Needed in Congress

David Balat, a Man Needed in Congress

It is very rare for good candidates to run in elections. It is even more rare that we get two good candidates. Last month we interviewed TX22's Eric Zmrhal, today we're moving onto district 2. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing David Balat, a conservative Houstonian running to replace Ted Poe.

Both men are examples of Daniel Boone-style citizen-statesmen envisioned by the Founders. In David Balat's case, he is a family man and businessman who fulfilled executive roles in the c-suites of many industries. Many, such as Mobile Diagnostics, Humble Surgical Hospital, and Olive Branch Management are in the area of healthcare.

On Healthcare

Democrats are desperate to resonate with voters this year. Underfunded and careening towards lower and lower levels of approval, they toss out hot-button issues until they find something that frightens their base. When nothing works, they just start over again cycling through the same threadbare topics.

You can bet healthcare will become one of those hot-button topics of the day in 2018.

David Balat's experience includes his role Executive Director at Olive Branch Management Services, a company that specializes in process efficiency to lower outlays and increase revenue, all in order to maximize the benefit received by the healthcare recipient.

Balat's main focus for the past five years has been to ensure insurance companies avoid bureaucratic bloat, doctors and nurses get paid, and patients get the best care possible. In short, he makes everyone happy. This is the type of expertise, backed by constitutional principles, you want at the table when lawmakers approach healthcare. 

"Healthcare represents 18 or 19 percent of our GDP," David Balat said, emphasizing the importance of taming the bureaucratic beast.

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 2016 - 20125 spending projection (released in 2017), "National health spending growth is projected to outpace projected growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 1.2 percentage points. As a result, the report also projects the health share of GDP to rise from 17.8 percent in 2015 to 19.9 percent by 2025." 

The report also predicts a 3 percent uptick in already skyrocketing medical price inflation by 2025.

This is not MAGAnomically sound.

For over a decade Republicans have run on repealing and replacing Obamacare. Over the past year, GOP representatives in the House and Senate have blown nearly every chance to advance what is perhaps the most pressing economic agenda of our time. With roughly 20% of our GDP occupied by the healthcare industry, even moderate declines in expenses will, like tax reform and trade renegotiation, result in a massive benefit to citizens at all levels.

This is what we Americans deserve.

Balat's Freedom Care plan offers healthcare reform that uses the advantages the free market.

"We hold fast to the principles of the constitution," Mr. Balat makes clear his commitment to the country. His plan uncompromisingly rejects government-managed healthcare as a boondoggle for achieving the three goals of "Universality, Affordability and Quality."

As outlined on his website, "This combination cannot exist in a universal health care system managed by the government. The United States of America was built on the principles and ideals of freedom, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and the opportunity to pursue whatever it is they wanted to pursue in a free market."

David Balat applies constitutional principles to all our nation's pressing issues, not just healthcare.  When asked how he approaches spending in general, he replied, "I've given to call myself a constitutional conservative because in any of the forums or debates we've had, no one else will allude to or reference the Constitution of the United States and that is the thing. [The winner] will go to DC and put his hand upon a Bible and we will swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. And I find it very sad that it's not a part of the dialogue that's going on now in the campaign." 

In the realm of international trade, Balat affirms a rational America-first approach that considers the universal impact on we Americans. "Contracts are like fences, they make better neighbors." He further elaborated trade with China must be contingent on fair trade agreements.

Democrats continue to push their anti-American agenda of border chaos. By brazenly defying the very laws they are sworn to uphold, they signal that laws do not apply to them and our legislative processes are, in their eyes, a total joke. 

In California, Democrats stick their thumb in the eye of the American voter by nominating a candidate who is proud of the fact he is not even a legal citizen. In Chicago, voting power is openly granted to non-citizens. In the name of virtue-signalling to cocktail cohorts, Democrats laughingly allow convicted drug dealers, child predators, human traffickers, and crime lords to freely walk our streets.

You can bet the topic of immigration will once again be whipped up by the DNC-MSM cohorts in 2018.

To which David Balat replies, "My parents immigrated to this country from Israel and did so legally." David, the son of two Israeli immigrants, knows what a gift it is to be grafted onto the tree of America. Raised in an English-only household by a loving mother and a deaf father who taught him the value of adversity, he treasures our American culture and our unique Constitution and Bill of Rights.

"I've had a front seat to the American Dream. My dad not only immigrated to this country with very little ... he was profoundly deaf and mute. He worked three jobs doing the only thing he knew how to do. And he and mom, after saving a little bit of money, started their own tailor shop in Garden Oaks which is in the district. They absolutely achieved the American dream."

Defectio wholeheartedly endorses the primary candidacy of David Balat for US Congress Texas District 2 and humbly asks our readers to consider him when you go to vote on Tuesday.

For more information on David Balat, please visit his campaign website and follow him on Twitter.

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