A Message to Bob Mueller, From Americans Everywhere

A Message to Bob Mueller, From Americans Everywhere


Dearest Bob,

So you went and did it. You saw no way out, so you opened that Pandora’s Box of government malfeasance and decided to start United States Civil War II. You did not like the outcome of the election. You disagreed with the American voter. So now you are rending the last shreds of the thin veneer of legitimacy our government was struggling to maintain and revealed it for what it is.

The constitutional republic was long gone. You did away with pretense.

I can respect that. For once, I agree with Deep State. It is finally time to throw our cards down and show our hands. Let’s get this over with. You and your traitorous sell-out globalist pigs on one side, and we Americans on the other. I must say I really like these odds.

You want war. You get war.

Think you’re above prosecution on trumped up charges just because you’re a deep state acolyte and can point to some regulation or statute you say insulates you from prosecution? Think again. You decided to throw the constitution to the winds, you and your Marxist cabal. Now you can taste the fury of politically weaponized law enforcement and intelligence apparatuses.

First amendment rights to speech, association and assembly?

You didn’t think it applied to us, now it no longer applies to you.

Second amendment right to self-defense?

Nope. Time for some common-sense gun control we all can back. You and your cronies can turn in your service weapons and, while we’re at, all your personal weapons as well. And just of safe measure, let’s take you knives.

Fourth amendment protection against search and seizure?

Puh-lease, Bob. You and your FISA-happy conspirators tore that right to shreds before the people even went out to vote in 2016. Oh, and nice car. Bought with taxpayer money? It’s no longer yours. Neither is your house. Feel bad? Go talk to General Flynn about losing a home, I hear he has a sympathetic ear.

You have no recourse to law or rights anymore, buddy, because you first took our recourse to the Constitution.

And unless organic kale is the secret to creating super soldiers, I have to say there is nothing else to save you. Who’s going to come to your aid? The military? Pffft! Dream on! There are entire battalions that want nothing more than to march into DC and throw you in leg shackles.

You think the media is going to help? Please. The talking heads and columnist shills you think are such permanent fixtures will be gone from the airwaves within a month. You think they have the courage it takes to stand up to what is coming? They’ve practically cowered under their desks since January 2017.

That leaves what? The colleges with their entitled and pampered gender studies morons? What good are they? They can’t even meme, much less fight or lead. Most of them can barely read English.

I guess there might be a small tactical advantage in the globalist alliance. But do you really think the people of America will be stopped by something as feeble as twitter censorship and facebook tracking? Do you think we already don’t have an army of disgruntled experts in tech and finance after a generation of marginalizing and downsizing heterosexual white males from banks and Silicon Valley?

Pretty much every permutation of whatever comes next results in your defeat. There is no action you can take that will avoid it and, after your idiotic ploy on Monday, your disgrace is all but guaranteed.

You made your move. The ball is in our court.



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