Ten Things Actually Related to “Russian Hacking” That Mueller Dares Not Investigate

Ten Things Actually Related to “Russian Hacking” That Mueller Dares Not Investigate

Go home, Deep State, you’re a mess!


In light of the Democrats’ media-inspired Raid for Ratings, I thought I’d put together a list of 10 things that are actually within Mueller’s investigative purview that he will not touch with a ten foot pole. Taken individually, these items are cause for concern. Together, they prove Special Counsel Robert Mueller is acting in poor faith and will be remembered for his role in attempting to destroy our country.

1) Seth Rich. The murder of DNC data manager and party insider shortly after the release of “hacked” emails is not just fodder for political followers and DC conspiracy theorists, it is actually the most logical place to begin an investigation into political hacking considering A) the obvious signs of a coverup (the murder was ruled a robbery but nothing was stolen). And B) Released emails reveal John Podesta was all for making an example of anyone remotely responsible for their submission to Wikileaks. Apparently crime fighter Mueller skipped the day in FBI school where you start your investigation by looking at the people involved.

2) Perkins Coie. Never mind the Trump attorney. Did he launder money and quite possibly also intelligence to create the untrue document at the heart of the Muh Russia sham? The corporate law firm Perkins Coie apparently has a new Sedition practice group -- which is all the rage in DC these days. But Mueller wasn’t interested in the very source of the DNC’s ridiculous collusion assertion at all — revealing a remarkable lack of critical thinking.

3) Fusion GPS. Speaking of Perkins Coie, what about these rats? Surely at some point in his sleuthing Bob the Blunderer must have realized the shady political hit piece generator, complete with ties to disreputable foreign spies, is a major piece of the Russia collusion puzzle. No? I guess his addled mind works in mysterious ways.

4) James Comey, Andy McCabe, Loretta Lynch, and rest of Obama’s NSC. (See, aren’t I nice making this one bullet instead of twelve or thirteen? And they say conservatives are cruel.) Despite the fact they have inside party knowledge, have repeatedly been caught in absolute whoppers in testimonies before Congress (cough! Brennan! Cough! Clapper!), and their centrality to the “Russian Hacking” narrative, none of these people have been investigated by Mueller. Huh. It’s almost like he’s not a very good at his job.

5) The DNC Server. That’s right. Not only has Mueller FAILED MISERABLY in his traitorous scheme to investigate the people involved or behind the crime, our modern day Inspector Clouseau has not even bothered to concern himself with the very scene of the crime itself. Truly his mind has a dizzying intellect. This is so unusual that even the far left outlet The Atlantic has noticed the discrepancy, though in a feat of gold medal doublethink, they fail to notice the implications that Mueller is merely acting the role of a shyster with a badge and not really investigating anything at all.

6) Hillary Clinton. Let’s take a step back and consider the reason the emails were so vulnerable to exploitation in the first place: Hillary Clinton’s utter disdain for the forms OpSec meant to protect our agents, intelligence and intel community as well as us Americans. If she hadn’t been so criminally negligent in the first place, her data and information would have been more secure as well. Yet she couldn’t be bothered to actually care about our safety. Doesn’t that beg the question Why?

7) Russians Who Influenced the Election. As has been demonstrated time and again, there is ample evidence of Russians buying influence and colluding in election interference in the 2016 election. Unfortunately for Dems, it’s all with Hillary. Still, you have to follow where the clues lead you. Unless you’re Robert Mueller: Supercop.

8) Election Fraud. Does it not follow that, if you’re alleging the electoral process has been violated by hostile foreign powers, that you should maybe examine the election machines and voter rolls for signs of fraud or tampering? Where is Mueller on this? Or is his pussy hat on too tight?

9) Senator John McCain. Everyone’s favorite stool pigeon had a hand in the Fusion GPS dossier’s submission to the FBI, allegedly. He apparently had reason to believe something else was up, so where’s Mueller on that investigation?

10) The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Here we have a bipartisan group of people who are so absolutely sure Trump has been up to no good, even the GOP members undermine the President’s agenda with specious conjecture and outright fantasies. Remember, the good investigative efforts proving the existence of a DOJ/Intel Community coup was all performed by Devin Nunes and the *House* intel committee. Those buggers in the senate happen to all be sitting on their hands. Curious. Psst! Hey Mueller! Sounds like they have the inside scoop!

Of course none of these investigations will ever be conducted. We can say that with certainty because each of these untouched goldmines of relevant information either involve or would lead to Neocon Liberal insiders who consider themselves above the law and therefore above *us*. That very fact reveals Mueller as a fraud and living waste of taxpayer dollars. His investigation is a transparent joke.

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