Starcucks: Agenda Before Service

Starcucks: Agenda Before Service



In terms of bottom line, this has not been a very good week for Starbucks. After a video of two condescending and hostile loiterers getting arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks went viral, the company went into damage control mode because the miscreants in question were black.

Unfortunately, it is spring in an election year and that means, as the weather warms, the silverfish and communists will start to come out of the basement.

The damage is not just coming from the inevitable boycotts and protests accusing the entire chain and all its workers of being degenerate racists, it is not just losing money when it closes every single store to shame (that is, train) all its workers, the company has also been coerced into giving out free reparation coffee to black people whether or not they produce the counterfeit reparation coffee coupon produced by 4Chan in an effort to troll the company.

Why is Starbucks suddenly in the mood to give away all its coffee while at the same time encouraging people to use their restroom like a public toilet and their seating area as a library? It seems odd that, even though the store manager was perfectly justified in calling the police, CEO Howard Schultz has decided to endanger both the company brand and the its revenue by siding with the same angry horde that also happens to be politically aligned against Starbuck’s ultimate corporate goals.

A far more sensible approach would have been to simply admit, the men were rude and classist and they deserved to be arrested by the police, having been given every chance to leave of their own accord. At least that is what police Commissioner Richard Ross, himself black, said (at least before the hive stole his free will).

Not only would it make better business sense to back up your lower management and let them know you will support them, not only does it help the bottom line by letting race baiters you will not allow your shops to be used for political shenanigans, but it also happens to be the one tactic that best addresses what actually happened in reality.

Instead, the shops are shutting down, lower level management knows Schultz’s first instinct is to throw them under the bus, and all the baristas working behind the counters will have to suffer a demoralizing scolding about how vile and racist they are.

This is not leadership this is suicide. Did Schultz think that, after the restaurant industry sent the stock into the gutter, his best bet was to increase the chain’s appeal to non-paying patrons?

Just what is going on here?

It situations like this it is always helpful to take a step back and reevaluate. If Starbucks’ main product were coffee, it would not sabotage its own coffee makers this way. Therefore, the main product of Starbucks is not coffee, it is something else. We only think they sell coffee.

What Starbucks sells in reality, at least in the eyes of c-suite and boardroom, is social justice.

Keep in mind, that for most limousine liberals, the idea of social justice is much different than the chaotic and harmful experience the rest of us endure daily.

For most corporate leadership, especially those lucky enough to inhabit the upper echelons of the Fortune 200 and even more so for those based on west coast, social justice is merely an extension of the civil rights movement started by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. It is about equality, and fairness, and valuing the individual.

They have no concept of the idea that social justice as they practice it is about superiority, exceptional races, and tribalism. It is about defeating civilization, not uplifting it.

The moment is emblematic of the crisis of “value-added capitalism” movement and we are witnessing signs it has run its course. More and more virtue signaling is starting to fall flat. It is seen as either a pathetic and hollow exercise in self-abasement (Starbucks), or as an expression of power and superiority of company over customer (as is the case with any product or service coming out of Silicon Valley).

It is high time for the old guard to be challenged by the next generation. The replacement capitalism will likely take at least one of two forms:

  1. “Shut up and brew” capitalism where the customers desire for a cup of coffee (for example) are met without being preached at by self-righteous prigs, such as main street small businesses where customers and workers are seen as equals.

  2. “Alt-value” capitalism where the values preached run counter to those of the liberal corporate class. A good example would be Black Rifle Coffee.

As a conservative, I stopped going to Starbucks years ago when the former CEO thought the best policy was to demean Christians and tell them not patronize his business. So it gives me no small amount of pleasure to watch it get torn apart by the same virtue signaling communist rabble they make such pains to appease. Here’s to a slow and painful death!

What? Stand by your workers, refuse to give in in to the purple haired mob, and grow your business??!!

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