Carlos Slim’s NYT Embraces Houston Communist for Judge

Carlos Slim’s NYT Embraces Houston Communist for Judge


Friday’s edition of the Failing New York Times deigned to cast its haughty northerner gaze into the Houston political scene long enough to cover a brand new “trend” in local politics: the rise of Socialists in the Democratic party since the election of Donald Trump.

Usually when left-wing outlets cover post-2016 election trends, such as the “surge” in anti-gun sentiment, pussy hat marches, or Antifa riots, the stories are meant to underscore a larger backlash (or resistance) movement as a natural result of the election of Donald Trump.

“But for his supporters who packed into a Mexican restaurant that evening, there was still something impressive to celebrate. Many in the crowd were members of the Democratic Socialists of America, or D.S.A., a group that has experienced an enormous surge of interest since the election of President Trump, even in conservative states.” intones NYT marionette Farah Stockman.

Implicit in all these stories is the warning that Americans have sinned by voting for Donald Trump and developments such as riots, disruption, political violence, and increased socialism are natural punishments for defying the hegemonic social justice order.

Oddly, I find myself in agreement with a leftwing mouthpiece. Socialism is punishment.

Just ask the millions of Jews gassed under Germany’s former ruling national socialist party or the tens of millions who died in Stalinist gulags, or the hundreds of millions who died of starvation during and after the cultural revolution. For more immediate examples, we could ask the people eating out of the garbage and living in fear of being shot by police in oil-rich Ecuador.

Specifically, the article is about Franklin Bynum, who ended up snagging the Democratic party nomination for Harris county criminal court judge after a hard-fought primary where he faced challenges from … absolutely no one.


Franklin Bynum and the Socialist Democrats are not so much taking the party by storm as they are by default.

The results of the primary are unsurprising. Running unopposed is typically the only way a socialist can win if the likes of Xi Jinping, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-il, and host of other socialist leaders are any indication. In this case, we are only lucky Franklin Bynum did not have to send his secret police out to kill off the competition as per the usual socialist “get out the vote” tactics.

I also agree with Stockman’s characterization of Franklin Bynum as “courageous” as far as his desire to run “openly” as a Socialist given the political philosophy is responsible for more human deaths in the 20th century than all the deaths caused by religious wars throughout the whole preceding centuries of human history.

It was Socialist atrocities that gave rise to the phrase democide – a term used to define the phenomenon when a government engages in a campaign to eradicate its own people.

It does take guts to run under the same flag and ideals as the Nazi party but only inasmuch as you acknowledge the connection between the two. The scariest thing about Liberals is their absolute commitment to never take responsibility for the havoc they wreak, whether they intended their policies to manifest in an absolute human travesty or not.

This approach of never owing up to your mistakes means the Left is simply incapable of learning or improving – appropriate enough given Leftist paradises like Cuba and the Soviet Union became technologically crystallized upon the very minute the party took power. When the Soviet Union fell, the country did not even have microchips. They were using 50’s technology while Americans were playing on home computers with hardware more advanced than their fighter planes.

Given this, we can expect that Franklin Bynum does not disavow the bloody terror that is his chosen political philosophy. It may also be the case that he, like so many Leftists before, believe the such violent revolution is necessary because of “capitalist oppression?”

The question is an important one. As a criminal court judge in Harris county, Franklin Bynum will be sitting in judgement against hardened criminals and upstanding business leaders and property owners alike. How fair will the trial be if sees both as equally criminal? Or worse, if he sees the criminal as victim of the crimes of capitalism committed by the evil bourgeois regardless the facts of the case?


Equally disturbing is the fact the Democratic Party is allowing a Socialist to run under their banner. Though fully endorsed by the DSA, Franklin Bynum is trying to pull a fast one on Houstonians by running on the Democratic ticket. Voters in the booth will have nothing to indicate that Bynum is anything other than a run of the mill local Democrat.

Bynum, like most Socialist leaders, wants to have his cake and eat it too. According to the NYT article, when approached to make a donation to the DNC, Franklin Bynum refused on the grounds that he did not have the money:

“’If I have the money, I will give them money because I can’t organize a get-out-the-vote campaign by myself,’ Mr. Bynum said. ‘But I am focused more on building a movement than I am on helping Democrats get elected. My priority is reaching people who aren’t being spoken to at all.’”

So Bynum, who lacks money to fund his own campaign, wants the pay, prestige, and power that comes with being a judge, while using the Democratic party to boost his chances on the ballot, and hold that same party at arm’s length in the name of his superior liberal values.

The attitude of disgruntled entitlement is a Socialist trademark: “I don’t have what I want. How dare you have what I want. Give me what you have.” It will be interesting to see how far Bynum can advance among Democrats with this attitude.

Bynum’s candidacy is not the sign of a healthy grass roots movement on the Left. Rather, it is a manifestation of internal Democratic party turmoil. Socialists are part of the Left’s growing problem with grass root movements -- which will prove much more disastrous than its previous efforts at astroturfing.

In the meantime, Houston voters have to be on the lookout for the unassuming freeloading judge Franklin Bynum come November. No matter your party affiliation, there is no room in American politics for the type of hateful “hang the capitalists” political philosophy embraced by Bynum.


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