Question: How do you stop an investigation that should have never been started?

Question: How do you stop an investigation that should have never been started?

If you instigate an investigation for no other purpose than to feed a hollow narrative, one designed not so much to politically destroy as it is to wound or impede, then how do you stop said investigation without showing the whole thing for what it is: a complete and utter sham?

Of course I am talking about Muh Russia and the Schiffian descent into deeper and more complicated explanations as to why, even though it is so obvious, Mueller cannot so much as produce a single convincing shred of evidence linking the current president to some vast Russian conspiracy. Russian agents, Russian bots, Russian banks, Russian dressing…

I have been watching for signs how the gang intended to step back from this waste of taxpayer dollars with a shred of Liberal dignity. It could not end, as Saturday Night Live recently predicted, with a simple confession of defeat.

That would kill the narrative stone cold.

The only way to stop the investigation without destroying the narrative, is not to stop the investigation but to be stopped.

Today is the beginning of the end of Mueller’s investigation as he announced his intention to expand his investigation into other members of the Republican party and their staff during the 2016 convention. Mueller leaned hard against President Trump, his family, and his businesses in an attempt to goad him into interfering.

Thus far, the President has resisted the urge to can Mueller and his high-price team of DNC apparatchik attorneys. Word on the street is that ploy was a trap to cry foul and cite obstruction of justice anyway so how likely was it to happen, given President Trump’s proven skill at avoiding such pitfalls?

So now, it is the GOP’s turn to do Mueller a solid and pretend he has gone too far. Oh yes, suddenly we are all on the same team, aren’t we boys?

If you think about it, this is the only way for Mueller’s game to end.

He has to be stopped, and if the POTUS will not do it, a Republican (or Republicans) will have to do it for the Dems. If the people who are being investigated call off the Special Prosecutor, then it will forever loom in the disheveled haunted barn that is the collective liberal imagination as a just investigation unjustly squashed by a cabal of corrupt Russsian puppets.

If the Left is adept at anything, it is cyclically rolling out the same of chestnuts to keep their base in state of constant incensement.

But ultimately, this is a good thing.

Since the slough of GOP resignations last year, I have been wondering what the true story was. Were they caught colluding with Democrats by the Inspector General and offered a deal? Are they trying to help the Democrats win a majority by giving up incumbent seats? Or have they been forced out by their paymasters the corporations because the GOP can no longer deliver the goods to the likes of Microsoft and Halliburton?

How they react to the news of Mueller’s plot twist will reveal much about their true motives.

So go ahead, GOP traitors, make your move.

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