Kanye: The Hope of the West

Kanye: The Hope of the West

One of the reasons the United States is such a great country is that it was founded on, and has always been, a civil rights movement. We broke with the monarchy of the United Kingdom because we the people (civitas) wanted the right to rule ourselves. Were we perfect from the start? No. But the circumstances of our nation’s birth meant we would always have the tools to continue to make things better. Frankly, we have done much to be proud of in striving to achieve our nation’s ideals.

Because of that powerful contrast with stifling traditions of the European continent and the constant bloody turmoil of central and south America, our country has earned a unique spot as a sociocultural innovator that serves to renew and improve all the world’s cultures and peoples but most particularly the West.

Today another major step has been taken towards that perfection. Like most revolutionary moments, it seems rather insignificant at first -- like a little old lady refusing to sit in the back of a bus. It is only in its after effects that we begin to truly comprehend the scope of the deed. Today, Kanye West tweeted a picture of himself wearing the iconic Make America Great Again hat and in so doing became the Rosa Parks of the 21st century.

Naturally, this made Trump supporters, who were supposed to be racist, completely ecstatic. The subreddit The_Donald has been buzzing all day and already new terms (Dragon Energy!), new memes, and even new flair are flying to fro. No one is telling Kanye to go away. To the contrary, he is being warmly welcomed and, in typical T_D fashion, heralded as a hero and prophet.


A bit over the top? Not compared to the vitriol on the Left. Democrats and Liberals are apoplectic Yeezy has decided to sit on the Trump side of the bus and they are doing everything in their power to keep him in place. The mind-slave drivers in the media are relentless in their hysteria whipping by dropping unsubstantiated accusations Kanye West is crazy or has become unhinged.

This state of affairs has only gone to further steel his resolve. He can choose to return to the plantation and remain under their control or he can join the current civil rights movement and fight for his freedom.

At their heart, civil rights movements are all about latitude – the ability to act and move about freely. Media massahs now fear a great awakening where blacks realize they are perfectly capable of utilizing that freedom to cross the political aisle. They want more yassahs and less Yeezuses.

Though besieged, West finds himself in the best of company on the right. In fact some of the brightest minds and accomplished people in the history of African Americans have been beckoning to fellow blacks for generations.

There is renown brain surgeon and HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford Thomas Sowell, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, as well as an increasing number of YouTube streamers such as Diamond and Silk, Candace Owens and … Chance the Rapper?


What really gives liberals the vapors is the threat black Americans will rediscover their strong, independent and conservative past. Has anyone noticed the Left always refers to the famed civil rights leader as Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. while conservatives are far more likely to use both honorific titles “Reverend Doctor”? Nobody on the Left wants blacks to know he was not just a Republican who conceal carried but also a man of God and leader of a church flock and therefore more resembles a typical conservative than any CNN pundit.

To the social justice warrior, not only was never a time when blacks were more wealthy, politically powerful, and had stronger families but there never will be a time when that status will be recaptured. To the SJW, blacks are born incapable of such attainment.

The Trump movement is the latest iteration in America’s ongoing civil rights journey because it is the American civil rights movement – as in the civil rights movement for all American people.

Every day the stakes in this movement become clearer. The FBI that assassinated Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the same one caught red handed framing the president in a clumsy attempt to kick off a coup d’état. Meanwhile media overseers are working hand in glove with traitorous elements in the intelligence community to mentally fence us in with dissembling and lies.

Yet if this coup by an all-powerful and all-seeing unelected bureaucracy were successful, would we be better off or worse? Richer or poorer? Freer or more enslaved?

This is not a fight for the sake of just one man or even one political philosophy. If Donald Trump loses this battle, so do we all. Anyone who joins this fight can be no less than a brother. All are welcome.

Together, we shall overcome.




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