Texas’ Stealth Socialists

Texas’ Stealth Socialists

The 20 April New York Times article by Farah Stockman on the rise of Socialists in leftward American politics is proving to be quite the goldmine.

According to the article, there are currently 17 Democratic Socialists of America running for office in Texas this year. Most of the candidates are not “officially” endorsed by the DSA and none of those that were endorsed have won their primaries.

Huh? Wait, the DSA says it “has” 17 candidates in Texas, including Franklin Bynum. It is openly touting the existence of these candidacies as proof that Socialism is about to make a major comeback. At the same time, only six of these candidates were endorsed by the DSA.

Are they DSA or not?

Either the Democratic Socialists are claiming some non-Socialist candidates as their own, or those candidates are running in stealth mode.

We already pointed to the convenient arrangement between the DSA and the DNC as concerns party funding and the ballot. Socialists like Bynum can run as either Socialists or Democrats, but the funds they spend and the party affiliation voters see in the booth will give no indication of their Socialist leanings and will simply list the candidate as a member of the Democrat party.

We found a list of the candidates via a February 2018 Texas Observer article showing all 17 of the claimed candidates with the officially endorsed candidates in bold.

  • Steven Kling — Texas Senate District 25 — Won candidacy for Democratic party

  • Chantal Eldridge — 331st Criminal District Court - Travis County — Won candidacy for Democratic party

  • Rick Treviño — Congress TX-23 — Runoff

  • Jose 'Chito' Vela III — Texas House District 46 — Runoff

  • Danny Norris — Harris County Dept. of Education Board of Trustees, # 6 — Runoff

  • Fran Watson — Texas Senate District 17 — Runoff

  • Omar Kadir — Williamson County Treasurer — Won candidacy for Democratic party

  • Ernesto Gloria — Tarrant County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 — Won candidacy for Democratic party

  • Franklin Bynum — Harris County Criminal Court at Law 8 — Won candidacy for Democratic party

  • Jonasu Wagstaff — Williamson County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 — Won candidacy for Democratic party

  • Hunter Crow — Arlington TX ISD School Board Trustee pl. 5 — Lost primary

  • Lewis Conway Jr. — Austin City Council, District 1 —On the ballot

  • Irasema Hernandez — U.S. Senate — Lost primary

  • Derrick Crowe — Congress TX-21 — Lost primary

  • Ali Khorasani — Congress TX-2 — Lost Primary

  • Justin Snider — Congress TX-6 — Lost Primary

  • Tom Wakely — Texas Governor — Lost Primary

  • Candace Aylor — Texas House District 47 — Lost Primary

  • Susanna Woody — Travis County Commissioners' Court, Pct. 4 — Lost Primary

  • Mckinley Melancon — Travis County Criminal Court at Law 5 — Lost Primary


Again, it is odd the DSA, which served as the source for both the Texas Observer and the Failing NYT pieces, apparently, includes on its list of Texas Socialists candidates it does not endorse.

Deception is a partially at play. Why else would you try to inflate the size of your list of candidates with eight Socialists that have already lost their primaries by the time either article went to press?

And why would any organization include among its cohort Lewis Conway Jr., candidate of Austin City Council, and “reformed” murderer? Is the DSA so desperate to inflate its influence that it cannot be bothered to review the criminal background of those it claims are fellow Socialists?

Socialists lie. Everyone knows that. The problem with the 2018 Texas pinkos is that the lies are so numerous and so layered, they form a barrier of obfuscation through which there can be no hope of knowing the truth.

Take for example Steven Kling, candidate for Texas Senate District 25. On the surface he seems like a great choice: husband and father, and for all you middle of the road types, he has conservative cred as a former military man.

Yet, there is he is: on the list of Democratic Socialist candidates.

But if you go to his campaign website, there is no trace of the endorsement. A quick review of the website for Hays county “Democratic” candidate reveals not a single mention reference to the terms “Socialist”, “Socialism”, or “DSA.” The term “Democrat” however, does return numerous hits.



Steven Kling does not openly tout his Socialist leanings. Previously we noted the duplicity of Harris County Criminal Court Socialist candidate Franklin Bynum who runs “openly” as a Socialist but will appear as a Democrat on the ballot because of his party affiliation.

Steven Kling is operating at a deeper mode of stealth. He is a stealth Socialist candidate who is not open to revealing his political philosophy or associating with those reactionary left-wingers in the daylight.

If the Texas Observer had not made the list public, we likely would have never made the association.

The list has helped us to uncover methods for ferreting out Socialist candidates who are reluctant to openly profess affinity for or affiliation with the Socialist party and its agenda.

One trick is to search for endorsement by Our Revolution – a political action group which so happens to endorse Steven Kling.


Ta da!

The above graphic is the bio page from Our Revolution PAC’s endorsed candidates page. Our Revolution is a 501(c)(4) organization and the 16th largest 527 contributor thus far in 2018 (which incidentally puts it at more money than the DNC itself).

In its own words, “Our Revolution is made up of veterans and volunteers of the Bernie 2016 campaign and movement” working towards the goal of “reclaim[ing] democracy for the working people of our country by harnessing the transformative energy of the ‘political revolution.’”

Our Revolution is Bernie Sanders campaign funding instrument. The same one that refused refunds after Bernie colluded with Hillary to throw the primary.

It is important to remember Bernie Sanders was only ever a Democrat during the 2016 election. Both before and after that period, his party affiliation has been, and remains, Socialist. All 51 of the candidates nationwide endorsed and supported by Our Revolution are therefore affiliated with a Socialist political organization.

In addition, at least eight of the candidates endorsed by Our Revolution espouse belief in the Socialist agenda, reference their endorsement by either the national or local branch of the DSA, or hold fund raising and campaign events where DSA is the organizer or participant.

These include two candidates for governor, Cathy Glasson in Iowa and Connie Johnson in Oklahoma, and one candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Gayle McLaughlin in California. There are three open Socialists running with Our Revolution’s blessing in Pennsylvania: Elizabeth Fiedler, Summer Lee, and Sara Innamorato. All three of these will face voters on the 15th of May.

Circling back to Texas and Steven Kling, the veteran endorsed by the Socialist political organization Our Revolution, we see the benefits of running in stealth mode especially in the state of Texas. Like Bynum, Kling has clinched his party’s nomination for Texas Senate District 25.

If voters are not careful, they may send a power and money-grabbing ultra-Leftist to represent their interests in the Texas house this fall.

Chantal Eldridge, candidate for the 331st District Court in Travis County has also secured her party’s nomination and will run as a Democrat despite being funded by Socialists.

Other Socialists who have yet to secure the Democrat party candidacy and face runoffs include

  • Rick Treviño for Texas District 23. Endorsed by Our Revolution and the various local branches of the DSA, Treviño would be considered an open Socialist. Perhaps unsurprisingly, his campaign website does not disclose this.

  • Jose “Chito” Vela III running for Texas House District 46. Endorsed by Our Revolution and racial identitarian groups such as Tejano Democrats, Vela promotes himself as a “Progressive Democrat”. Progressive enough to make the list of Socialist candidates to watch for.

  • Danny Norris for Harris County Dept. of Education Board of Trustees. Endorsed last year by the Houston DSA. At least this candidate is open out his affiliation, touting his DSA cred on his campaign website.

  • Fran Watson for Texas Senate Dsitrict 17. Watson is endorsed by both Harris County DSA and the local branch of Our Revolution. She also has the backing of the Unions (who should be ashamed), pro-choice groups, and racialist leftist causes.

  • Omar Kadir for Williamson County Treasurer. Despite his current affiliation with the DSA, and the fact he was a 2017 Austin Democratic Socialists of America delegate to the Democratic Socialists of America National convention in Chicago. His current affiliation on the ballot is, you guessed it, Democrat. Like Bynum, Kadir secured the ticket by running unopposed.

  • Ernesto Gloria Tarrant County Justice of the Peace Court. Another unopposed winner of the Democratic nomination, Gloria won the endorsement of local-level Our Revolution and is a member of several DSA groups.

  • Jonasu Wagstaff for Williamson County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2. Running unopposed, Wagstaff secured her party’s nomination. Online activity indicates she affiliates strongly with Socialist groups and refers to police as racist pigs.

  • Lewis Conway Jr. is running for Austin City Council even though, as a convicted murderer, he may not even be allowed to run. He is a self-described Democratic Socialist.

If Socialism is so popular as the New York Times, the DSA, and Our Revolution would have us believe then why are they hiding their candidates’ true agendas?

Texans deserve better than this kind of two-bit chicanery. These candidates will appear on ballots as run-of-the mill Democrats despite the fact they are radicals with extreme agendas targeting basic rights such as property and speech. If, when we go to the polls this week, we cannot be provided assurances of ballot transparency by Democrats, it becomes much more risky to vote Democrat.

As an organization, the DSA is not even part of the Democratic party. The group is not called the Socialist Democrats of America. They call themselves the Democratic Socialists of America. Socialist the noun, not the adjective. They are not Democrats with Socialist leanings, but Socialists with Democratic tendencies. By hiding this fact at the polls the DNC is Once again complicit in a scheme designed to deceive voters.

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