Indian IT workers

Indian IT workers

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Thousands of people woke up February 21st, 2018 and discovered their Twitter accounts had been summarily removed from the social media site. Twitter reports it was a purge of “bots.” Conservative media personalities, commentators, and their followers, pointed out the recurring trend. This is the third time since December 2016 the company has decided to initiate “apolitical” purges that just happen to remove or lock out thousands of leading conservative accounts.

Elsewhere in Silicon Valley, Google is crowing about its victory in light of the recent National Labor Relations Board vindication of their decision to fire James Damore for making factually accurate statements regarding biological gender differences. Damore’s class action has brought to light the hostile work atmosphere of Google where conservatives, men, and whites are targeted as deserving of second-class citizen treatment.

A video released in January by Project Veritas shows the sordid America-hating underbelly of Silicon Valley. In one part of the video, Twitter Engineer Pranay Singh casually describes how he shadowbans conservatives by looking for people who use words such as “Trump, or America, or any of, like, [the] five thousand, like keywords to describe a redneck.”

To Singh and many others living in Silicon Valley and working at places like Google, Microsoft, or Twitter the millions of people he disparagingly characterizes as a “redneck” do not deserve to have their views heard or to be treated with same respect as he and his fellow co-workers (many of whom happen to be Indian like Singh).

He does not care about American ideals of free speech, egalitarianism, and equality because those are not his values. Nor are they the values of his fellow Indians or the Liberals who infest Silicon Valley.

Singh and his friends are too busy boozing it up in Techtopia’s trendy bars to care about protecting the tattered remnants of Western civilization. They are on-board with the coastal upper crust in their goal to turn our country into an American Casteland.

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services’ annual published statistics regarding 2016 H1B visa holders (that is, those allowed entry because they qualify as “highly skilled”), people from India account for fully 74% of the total number of recipients (256,226 out of 345,262). What is more, the trend from previous years indicates Indians as a percentage of visa-holders are growing annually. In 2012, Indians only accounted for 64% (168,367 out of 262,569) of total visa awardees.

At least as far back as 2012 no country received more H1B visas than India and the gap between number one India and the second-place country is very large – around 7 to 8 times as many visas per year.

And who is the lucky country in the number two spot? The People’s Republic of China. That’s right: commies.

The number of Chinese H1B visa holders similarly dwarf the next highest group, Canadians, again outnumbering that category by roughly nine-to-one.

Combined, the numbers of the Indians and Chinese visa holders are more disconcerting. The aggregated group broke the 80% barrier as far back as 2015 and accounted for 83% in 2016. Numbers for 2017 have yet to be released.

 Data from USCIS

Data from USCIS

By percentage, over 69% of all H1B 2016 visas were granted to people to perform “computer-related” work, according to the USCIS. There is ample evidence to suggest that whatever trends exist in the world of immigration, especially when we filter for skilled legal visa holders, Silicon Valley’s experience with those numbers are exaggerated compared to the rest of America.

How do we know? Because Silicon Valley is proud of the fact.

According to the Silicon Valley Index 2018 published annually by Joint Venture Silicon Valley, the region is more “diverse” than the average place in the US, California, or even San Francisco. For example, throughout the United States, 27% of homes speak a language other than English. For California it is 45%, San Francisco is 43%. But “Silicon Valley’s population continues to grow more diverse, with 38% of its residents foreign-born and a majority (51%) speaking a language other than English at home.” (emphasis mine)

The report ignores population numbers for blacks and Hispanics, “white washing” the traditional American melting pot into single, boring blob of natives. This gives the impression that Joint Venture Silicon Valley holds either Beijing or Mumbai as paragons of diversity even those two cities are vastly more homogeneous than the most remote Kentucky backwater.

The Silicon Valley 2017 statistics are the continuation of a trend over the past few years where the numbers of foreign-born citizens have been increasing. But that is not the only cause for concern. The numbers of Americans (presumably black, white, and otherwise) living and working in Silicon Valley are decreasing in a statistic the report terms “domestic out-migration.”

“For the second year in a row, people are moving out of Silicon Valley nearly as quickly as they are moving in. Between July 2015 and July 2017 (over a two-year period), the region gained 44,732 foreign immigrants, but lost 44,102 residents to other parts of California and the United States.” (emphasis mine)

So more diversity all around!

If the Damore Google case is any indication, Americans are fleeing Silicon Valley because it is run by blue-haired lunatic dragonkin and full of foreigners who are either utterly indifferent to or outright hostile towards American values.

At this rate, the bathroom accommodation laws alone will render Silicon Valley uninhabitable by 2025. Because every square foot of office space will be taken up by a new category of toilet or locker room to accommodate the infinite progression of “gender” types. At which point, the sign at the edge of town will read: “Welcome to Porcelain Valley! The most diverse and accommodating place on Earth! Population: 0.”

Has anyone stopped to think what the overall effect of populating our nation’s most powerful center of business, culture, and personal data with America-hating SJWs and people who grew up in countries where either the culture or the government enforce the idea that some people are less human – especially those who are different, poor, or inconvenient?

As someone who has lived abroad (Japan) for several years on a skills visa, experience shows non-natives generally acclimate to their surroundings in one of three ways.

 Trudeau being diverse.

Trudeau being diverse.

One way is they “go native” an anthropological term for someone with no sense of self who allows their surroundings to dictate the very core of their being (such as the Trudeau boy in India). In the end, no one respects the fool who allows himself to be so easily and utterly redefined. He comes across as shallow, frivolous, and easily manipulated.

Another way of dealing with being in a foreign country is to hate it. This hatred can manifest itself in outright racist jingoism, constant criticism, or quiet smoldering contempt. Hatred is the most common acclimation method in my experience, but it is especially typical among Americans. Perhaps this is where the term “ugly American” comes from.

Most people I have met fall into those two categories. Very few people acclimate in a manner that shows respect both for the customs and traditions of their host country while at the same valuing the great culture they left behind. Key to attaining this form of mutual respect is the ability to acknowledge the humanity of one’s hosts. This allows one to accept perceived cultural flaws without either getting hung up on them or simply refusing to acknowledge those flaws exist.

The Project Veritas video shows very clearly that Silicon Valley, and by extension much of our culture, has an “Ugly Indian” problem. Conservatives are routinely belittled and dehumanized by tech’s corporate culture because the Pranay Singhs of Silicon Valley have no concept that the people they hate are human beings. They have no uncles in Alabama or sisters in Michigan.

They are physically, psychologically, and spiritually disconnected from the very targets of their derision. There is no personal relationship to the objects of their hate and that is what makes them perfect tools for their Globalist masters. They can hate with a dehumanizing purity that is rare among fellow Americans -- even liberals.

The Ugly Indian is the unsung hero of the movement to disenfranchise America’s citizens from their own government and society. They are the vanguard for and the jackboot enforcers of the Social Justice colonists in their crusade to unmake and warp American life. It is past time for them to be called out.

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